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Hi Nick,

I know this is a SUPER old thread, bu this issue has really been bugging me.

I have been using midi to change presets on my TF, Program changes to switch between presets, and saving a bypassed preset when i do not want any delay.

HOWEVER! the trails of the delay do not ring out when i switch between a preset with delay and this saved bypass preset.

The TF is set up in DSP + DLY mode.

If i use CC midi functionality on my decibel eleven switch witch, would this allow the trails to ring through rather than Program changes?

If so, how on earth can i do this?

i have set up the TF to REC CH on ch 1, but how to use the REC CTRL menu is baffling to me, as well as how to sync this with the swirch dr.

ALSO! would it be possible to connect the switch Dr's switches designed to switch amp channels to the AUX in on the TF?! THis would also be realy really useful.

I know it may seem like youve answered this question to many other midi newbies but any reply reall would be appreciated.

more information can be found here: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/showthread.php?p=17213843#post17213843