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can only guess what the issues may be without knowing everything in the signal
path and hearing what you are hearing.

Having the issue in front of the amp would be something entirely
different. Of course using time based effects in front of an amp with anything
more than light gain does not sound good at all.

front of an amp with only a clean sound, it should sound good. But, it will
likely not sound exactly the same as plugging the guitar directly into the amp
for a number of reasons; i.e. the buffer, the amp input seeing a different
impedance and even cable capacitance.  

being you are using a mesa, I’m guessing at least half the tones you seek are
high gain. Therefore, using the effects in the loop is necessary. Try this…
Plug the guitar direct into the amp to eliminate any other variables. Connect
only one Eventide pedal into the loop. Make sure Killdry is on and set the BYP
TYP to RLY (relay).

the pedal bypassed (off) it should sound no different than the guitar plugged
in direct with nothing in the loop.

the pedal engaged you should hear the effect (use the mix knob to set the level)
and you should hear your pure amp tone mixed with the effect without any
latency or artifacts. Check that the input light is green not red (if it lights
up red only sometimes it may be ok but all the time the signal is too hot). If
you only hear the effect at this point and no dry signal, it is a serial loop,
not parallel. If this is the case, I would suggest getting a Suhr mini mix II.

this works (with only one pedal in the loop) then get a splitter and a mini
mixer like I suggested.

back with your findings.