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Incidentally I'm looking to reproduce the drum sound used by Tony Visconti on David Bowie's "Low" album … if I can do this within the Pitchfactor, I'll be able to recreate the sound I want live.

The guy from Eventide answering all of your questions above is certainly more qualified that I am here.  He invented it.  But this should get you started:


Mix = WET:50

Pitch Mix = A10+B10

Pitch A = A: 0.944

Pitch B = B: 0.944

Delay A = 30 ms.

Delay B = 30 ms.

(encoder) = 910/949/ TMP OFF

Depth / Key = H910

Speed / Scale = CHROMTC

Xnob = FBK-A:  80

Ynob = FBK-B:  80


This uses both pitch shifters set up identically; you may only need one.  Adjust the Pitch or Delay knob slightly in one of the pitch shifters to get a thicker sound.  General rule of thumb for this kind of effect:  Longer delay time – less feedback level.

If you want to remain 'authentic', keep the Depth/Key knob on H910, and have your Delay set close to an increment of 7.5, 15, 30, and 60 ms. [the original switch selections – up to 112.5 ms.].  Of course, a setting of MODERN with any number of milliseconds is fair game, and noticeably cleaner.

The PitchFactor makes it easy to switch between downshifting and upwards pitch shifts with an aux switch, expression pedal, or over MIDI.  Move the Mix knob higher for more effect with less of the original signal.