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Hi Marco!

So, i've followed your instruction. After a sw update of both of space and time factor

1) i've activated killdry and RLY
2) i've connected just one of the stomp boxes on the fx loop
3) my gtr direct on the mesa input
4) balanced the amount of send with the amp's "Send" knob
5) balanced the mix with the amp's "Mix" knob

then i've moved the mix knob on the stomp box and at 100% i've listened the pure sound of guitar + the effect. So: it's parallel.

The sound it's great. I've tried to play and switch killdry "yes", no"  a lot of time to listen if it was that the problem. It was.

Everything fine, thnx for your help. Unfortunately, i don't understand how put BOTH of my stomp boxes (time factor and space) in the fx loop… i mean together…
Sorry, i've read and read your post but i don't understand this step.

Thank you again for your help, all the best.