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I feel your pain. The band I'm in now is preparing to play shows to support an album we made for which one song was recorded in Eb and my guitar was tuned down a 1/2 step. We decided that the song simply sounded right in that key, so now I have to tune down and use a capo for everything else. It's probably made easier by the fact that I use a capo a lot anyway, but I agree – it's a drag having the dots "off" and can get confusing. Unless you practice enough to get used to it. My friend has a guitar from Line 6 (think it's called the Variax?) that does what you want convincingly, including accessing alternate tunings at the push of a button. But then you're stuck playing a Line 6 guitar…:)

Agreed though, Tritone. While the H9 may have limitations, it's the best thing out there!