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Wow, looks cool.  But how do I get my presets into it?  The command "import preset from stompbox" seems to just leave those two arrows spinning indefinitely.  

I'm not sure where you are in H9 Control.  Under Preset Lists there is a function called "Save to Mac" or "Save to PC" that copies the entire preset list from your H9 to your local hard drive.  Is this what you mean?  If you are in Demo Mode, pressing that  "Save to Mac" / "Save to PC" button will just cause the wheel to spin indefinitely because it's not actually talking to an H9.  If you're connected to an H9, it should work.  I just tried with the latest Mac release using an H9 Core.  If it's not working for you, what operating system are you on and what kind of H9 are you using?