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Just taken delivery of an H9 core and the registration and syncing of purchased algorithms from the main H9 could not have been more simple….. Seriously well done on making it so painless and easy.

I started to control them connected to my mac via USB and am finding that switching back and fore between multiple H9's is a little clunky in the interface, in that you have to perform a lot of clicks and it does not seem to remember the algorithm that the particular H9 is running.

Am I missing something?.. I seem to have to click onto "algorithms"…select the H9… Then select "presets" but the interface seems to shoe the algorithm that the previously selected H9 was running, even though the H9 does not actually change preset.

It would be useful to have something like browser "tabs" to be able to switch between the h9's .. Or failing tabs… You have the H9 number on the top bar… If you could click that to swap back and fore it would be useful.

It may be just me getting used to it, but it seemed a little clunky compared to the reset of the interface when running a single H9, which really is fantastic and really intuitive.