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I am a new user of the H9, and totally overkilled with all the features.

But I am gone lear to use it step by step.

First I am looking for some classic Pedal stuff, like:

a Phaser like the Phase 90 or the "Catch the Rainbow" Sound by Ritchie Blackmore.

Another thing I am looking for is for Lead Lines with two Guitars (Like Thin Lizzy or Iron Maiden) a Basic Setting with one of the Pitch Factor Algorythms. I am not sure which one to take for this (Something like the Boss Harmonizer) Where can I start? Maybe with the Diatonic Algorythm.

Also looking for a Classic Chorus like for example in Prince Purple Rain.

And last Thing – a cool Rotary Sound for Deep Purple Rhytm and Solo Lines instead of a Hammond while Playing with two guitars.

Any Suggestions?