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Another thing I am looking for is for Lead Lines with two Guitars (Like Thin Lizzy or Iron Maiden) a Basic Setting with one of the Pitch Factor Algorythms. I am not sure which one to take for this (Something like the Boss Harmonizer) Where can I start? Maybe with the Diatonic Algorythm.

Not really my type of music so others will have better suggestions than I.

I would consider Quadravox over Diatonic, Why? Well… you can turn the 2 of the Harmonies off and essentially have the same as Diatonic … unless I am missing something, which is a possibility as I do not really use Quadravox that much. … but when I looked at which one to buy I looked at it and figured I could just turn off 2 off the voices and could not really see a reason not to go down that route.

For that Purple Rain vibe I would try either preset : POLYMODELICIOUS or BIG CLONE …both get me into the ball park … but without Prince's crazy talent!