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I am in your exact situation too. I got rid of two effects racks (digitech and Rocktron Prophesy) because I was very tired of scrolling through dozens of unusable presets that were cool but completely unuseful. So I went to a pedal board and great /13 amp in stereo with a vintage Superchamp.  So after spending hours on the H9 – and loving the ios interface, I have come up with 2 ( yes -only TWO) presets I can use – Mountain and my favorite  Spelunker. Granted the H9 has great processing capacity and tone- but all of the other wailing and moaning stuff, I mean where does that fit for an (aging)  amateur weekend warrior that's just trying to remember some Clapton Riff and suddenly remembers their tax estimate is overdue?  I already have a TC Delay and Reverb and tube overdrive pedal in the chain and would be completely thrilled if I could get 7-10 GREAT useable patches, -Can anyone share the best patches for classic rock, jazz – blues?  Thanks -now I need to buy an Ipad Mini. Oh = I must say the you tubes are really weak on this product- both the gal and the musician artist- I know this product is capable of amazing tones, but I cannot find them buried in all the stuff. CAN ANYONE SHARE THE TOP 9 STRAIGHT UP BEST PATCHES that are up there with Spelunker and Mountain?