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why are there competing clocks? where is the 2nd clock coming from?  I just want it to listen to the MIDI clock its receiving from my computer..  is the H9control sending a clock? or…..

Eventide can give you the definitive answers here.  I was my own assumption that an external MIDI Clock in my system [MIDI IN DIN to the PitchFactor] and one from the H9 Control app were "competing".  Any rhythmic preset with Tempo: On just sort of laid there, and Tempo: Off (based off milliseconds) brought the rhythm back.

But I'm not so sure now.  The H9 Control Settings -> MIDI Clock -> Enable MIDI Input Clock seems to refer to an incoming clock to the Stompbox pedal itself (via DIN).  If I set it to Yes, then I lose sync in the presets [USB to H9 Control and MIDI DIN to external clock both connected]. 

But if I set that parameter to No, then it "appears" to allow H9 Control to provide a MIDI Clock to the PF.  At that point, I can change BPM on either the PF or H9 Control, and that change is reflected back & forth.  Bottom line:  I can leave my pedalboard intact, plug in an H9 Control laptop (over USB, and set to No), and program the Pitchfactor in its natural environment.