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Cross-posted from the PitchFactor Programming – Other Effects thread:

Compiled in the H9 Control app.  PitchFactor Programming – Other Effects

The complete Preset List file, plus 25 individual presets; all zipped together in the same download.  I wanted to present some options that would work for both H9 & PF stompboxes, plus partial loading and preset sequencing options.  No focus on pitch-based effects here.  An expression pedal is almost required to get the most out of these presets.

8 Algorithms represented:

  • HarPeggiator – 12 presets

  • H910/949 – 4 presets

  • HarModulator – 2 presets

  • Synthonizer – 2 presets

  • Octaver – 2 presets

  • MicroPitch – 1 preset

  • QuadraVox – 1 preset

  • Diatonic – 1 preset

I was having some issues with getting exact values programmed in H9 Control 1.5.1.  Let me know if any if anyone has trouble with an particular preset, or if any don't match the design descriptions above.  All of them were programmed using a PitchFactor pedal, but should be interchangeable in an H9 / Core pedal (loaded with the same algorithms).