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I loaded the last H9 release onto one H9 and the new H9 release onto another H9 and tried the Vintage Delay presets "Rotten Old Delay" and "Lo-Rez Trail" on both. And those presets sounded the same on both the old and new H9 software release. 

One of my colleagues mentioned that the bit parameter in Vintage Delay is very sensitive to the level of your guitar, and it will sound different if you feed it with a softer signal as opposed to a louder signal, because that control is dropping bits off of the representation of the signal value. If you feed it a louder signal, you'll hear the effect more clearly because there will be more bits in the signal value for it to work on. So, please check and make sure that you're signal levels haven't dropped…

If you're sure that the change you're hearing isn't due to the signal levels though, could you recommend a preset for us to listen to for this?