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First, thank you very much for stepping in. I am grateful for Eventide's hands on approach. This is one of the reasons that I have bought 3 of your stomp boxes. I am confident that Eventide is going to support the product in a solid way for a lengthy time. I have not found this to be true with other companies, including some that I love.

Second, as I went through my modfactory algorithms, I was impressed that with the fx that are acting like a wet/dry (and even with other that are not), when I set intensity to min value and switched back and forth from active to bypass, the tone of my guitar stayed the same. It was hard to tell if the pedal was active or not. I like that. I my mind, it suggest really quality a/d conversion taking place.

The only thing I came up with was, I think I could see a use for the mod filter not dropping all the way out. Maybe that is there but I have yet to really utilize that algorithm.

Maybe what we are looking at is more ability to shape the eq (Q or multiply frequencies… IDK) within filter type settings?

But I just went through this fast.

Another thing I was very happy about was how subtle I could get the chorus to be.

I will think more about this but overall I am a happy camper.