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ok, I did it and it worked great. Now I am frustrated in some other areas, which is irritating as I am really good with technical things. I was experimenting with changing something on the pedal and saving it, then wanting it saved to the iOS device. Things got weird at that point. Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't. The big thing is even with preset list set at a value of 1-5 say, the pedal on the iOS still shows 99, and when I save it to the os, instead of saving 1-5, it saves 1-99, taking quite some time. Then the pedal sits in position 99 till I switch up to 1, then it goes back to 1-5. Also exporting back to mac gave the mac doubles of all presets. It never asked to overwrite, making for a very irritating morning. I am thinking 1 device only, and not try and go multiple. I still gotta learn how to get the pedal and to back up to iOS and vice versa seamlessly when making changes