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1. saving a preset name from mac to pedal does not carry the name over to the pedal. Its generic such as H9 **** preset list, regardless of what it was named on my mac prior to saving to the pedal

The name of a particular preset list is never transferred over to the H9, only the presets are. So, the app has no way to do anything but name the downloaded preset list the way it does. But you can easily rename it. Double clicking the button representing the preset list opens up a renaming dialog.


2. even though it asked to save  from preset 1-5, it still shows 99 presets no matter what on the pedal preset list on my laptop screen. my pedal has only 5, but the laptop shows the preset has 99. Then if I make changes to any of the presets on the pedal, and want to save it back to my mac, it will NEVER save it to the original preset list on my mac, it always adds a new preset called H9 **** preset list. This is really frustrating. If someone can't help me simply make a change on my mac and save that one change to the pedal, and vice versa, without adding unneeded preset lists when I really want to overwrite the list of my choice, this pedal isn't going to last on my pedalboard

The app is always going to download the complete preset list off of the H9, but if you select the button representing the preset list and go to the More menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen, you can use the "Resize preset list" function to drop all but presets 1 – 5 for instance.

With regards to keeping the same list on your Mac and your H9, instead of changing the presets on the list on your H9 and resaving the list to your Mac, why don't you do it the other way around and change the presets in the list on your Mac and resave that to your H9?