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Is there a good reason that the patches in a user list are copies of the patch that got added to the list, and not references to the original patch? I find this unnecessarily confusing. It engenders a bunch of list maintenance work, keeping the list and the user patch in sync as patches get edited.

Well, this is something we might have gone either way on. There were two reasons in favor of making them copies. One, you might make changes to specific presets in a preset list to sound better in a particular room for a particular show, but not those changes to affect all instances of the preset. Two, any list you download from an H9 to your local hard drive is going to necessarily contain copies of presets, because there's no guaranteeing that the source presets are even available on the device you're downloading to; so, it seemed to make things more consistent and hopefully therefore less confusing to always have lists have copies of presets. We have been paying attention to people's feedback about this though on our forum and the gearpage and have been thinking about making some changes in a future release to reduce the confusion and inconvenience that the different preset types have been causing.