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Mesa Man

Customization of my new pedalboard continues and I ran into the next problem.


I have connected the expression pedal (BOSS FV-500H) to the EXPL jack of the Musicom EFX.

I have watched the tutorial videos regarding EXP connections (tutorial video 11/11) from Youtube and I have used standard stereo-stereo jack to connect the EXP to EFX mk3.

Now the Eventide stompboxes do not respond to the EXP at all.  Surprise

After this discovery I connect the EXP straight to the 1st stompbox and it does control the 1st box EXP values correctly but it does not control the boxes 2. and 3. at all.

Midi settings are as described above. The EXPL controls are as tutorial video (11/11)  and the EFX works and controls now all the presets correctly (thru midi).

So, what now?

Question 1: If there is something wrong with EFX´s EXPL jack, can I still connect EXPL straight into the 1st Eventide pedal and still control with the EXPL all three stompboxes? (and bypass the mechanical fault of EFX, although that is not yet verified).

Question 2: Since the midi commands come from EFX mk3 midi output, should I have some midi parameters configurated differently compared to the tutorial videos? With the original problem tutorial video was "almost" right for me.  Wink