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I previously updated the PF firmware in early February this year, to whichever version was current at the time. I have found a FactorLib file from around the same time which should have at least some of the presets I lost, but now FactorLib won't send it to the pedal. It recognises the file type, opens it and lets me edit it, but the filename starts with (unknown) instead of (PF) and when I click Save to Pedal I get the error message "Cannot send unknown presets to PF pedal".

Also if this helps, the pedal itself is now filled with what look like demo presets: Storyteller, Teenage Wasteland, Trance Octaves etc.

Great. That might be helpful. So, you updated to the latest PitchFactor release right? Well, try importing your FactorLib backup into H9 Control and see if you can send it over to your PitchFactor that way. To import it, click on the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner of H9 Control, go to Import Presets and Preset Lists, and choose your syx file in the file chooser dialog. It should import the presets as a list and you'll be able to go to Preset Lists and use the "Save to pedal" button to transfer them to your PitchFactor again.