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"Are you using PitchFactor by itself or with H9 Control? The fact that
you're loading a preset multiple times and sometimes it's right and
sometimes it's wrong makes me wonder if the value is being sent to H9
Control and ping ponged back to PitchFactor with reduced precision.
That's just a guess though. It would be helpful if you could describe
how you're setting the pitch intervals (on the pedal or the app) and how
you're loading the preset (on the pedal or the app)."

As was with the the previous PF firmware I programmed the intervals as it was without the H9 Contol but only started noticing that ever since i updated the PF's firmware that this strange never before behaviour started showing up.

This is my setting on the PF that's showing the problem which is everytime i repower my rig which powers up all my TF, PF, Space and H9 with the Eventide Power Factor 2 all connected to each other via MIDI for Clock, The Pitch Factor that uses the following settings seems to recall the wrong pitch intervals but after 1 or 2 cycles of bank changes only then does it recall back the expected programmed pitch intervals.;

Algorithm: Pitch Flex
Mix: 20
Pitch Mix A10+B10
Heel A -5
Heel B +1oct
HT Gliss Instant
TH Gliss Instant
Tempo On
LP Filter 0
Shapre ) Toe A Off
Toe B Off