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I tried what you said and among my other Midi/audio devices (Midi keyboard: Edirol PC-50, Audio Interface: M-Audio Profire 610 and cable Midi to USB: Edirol UM-1Ex), H9 Control recognized one that is called "USB Audio device" and that might stand for the Space, so I connected to it log in and it worked once.

Though it's really unstable and I could never make it happen again since H9 Control shutting down every time I try to connect  the Space manually now (it seems to recognize still the Space serial number SP-01617 though…)

We had a couple of reports from other users who ran into problems who had lots of other MIDI devices plugged into their computer. One user noticed that if they disconnected all of their other MIDI devices except their Factor pedal, connected H9 Control, and then reconnected the other MIDI devices, then everything worked. Could you try this? It would help narrow down the problem.