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+1 on Spillover. Can be very abrupt moving from one ambient sound to another when the effect cuts. It doesn't have to be long (a couple seconds is sufficient to start getting sounds from the new algorithm).

Also, MIDI clock sync. I posted this on TGP, thought I'd post it here too:

"I want MIDI clock sync to work like the Strymon Timeline. If clock is present, it always syncs to it. You can tap in a tempo change and the pedal will settle back to the clock over a couple beats (handy for warping delay effects). If no clock is present, you can tap a tempo and the pedal will use the taps without mucking about in the settings to disable clock sync. This is especially handy if a) one of your songs doesn't use a click, but others do or b) your band tends to get off click and you have to kill it mid-song, leaving either no delay or out-of-time delay.

I know, the answer is "get the band to stay on click", but that's not always workable and the Timeline's MIDI implementation is really good in this regard."