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I'm waiting on a reply from Musicomlab so hopefully I can get a better understanding of how this unit sends MIDI CC.

So…I dug into this a bit more today and it kind of works but not really.

On the Musicomlab you have a global preset and I'm trying to make that
one the tuner button. The manual states that you can send a MIDI CC via
one of the 8 loops or 4 function switches. Since I'm not currently using
any of the function switches, I went in and setup function switch one
(FS1) to send the MIDI CC on controller number 100.

On the H9 I went in and setup the toggle tuner to MIDI CC 100 as well.

So now, this it what happens. When I'm on any other preset I can
step on the global preset and boom…the tuner comes on as expected.

I step on that same preset again to activate the patch I was previously
on that is where things go sideways. The Musicomlab returns to the
previous preset but it's still muted and the tuner is still on…I have
to tap that button two more times to get back to the original preset I
was on…it's like I get stuck in some sort of loop or cycle where the
CC message is doing two things versus a simple on off?

Perhaps the normal/reverse (nor/rev) option below is causing problems?

I'm wondering if I need to send another CC message to get back to the same preset I
was previously in? It's definitely confusing and not working like I had

Is there any reason why the H9 could not have a tuner patch that can be accessed via PC?

Thanks for any help!