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Seriously, why don't you adjust  the prices?

When you sell in app purchases using Apple's iTunes, you can't select a price for a particular country; you can only select a price tier for the entire world, and Apple translates that into actual prices in different countries.  I don't know why the price in Europe is so much higher. Maybe, it's b/c of exchange rates? Maybe it's because of VAT?  But in any case if you buy things on MacOSX or Windows using the Amazon Payments store, all of those prices are denominated in dollars, and that tends to be cheaper than the price tiers Apple chooses…

Incidentally, regarding someone on this threads earlier post that algorithms for existing Factor customers should be cheaper, we thought about that but it was technically difficult to price things differently for different users based on what products they had registered, and that's why we instead decided to just give people two coupons for every Factor pedal they own that they can use to get any two H9 algorithms they'd like.