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Al West

The message: Pro Tools could not load the following plug-in (UlraChannel.aaxplug) because no valid authorization could be found, the iLok key is not connected, or the plug-in was damaged.

The error message comes up when Pro Tools is starting up and loading all my plug-ins.

I have Pro Tools version 10.0.0. This may be my problem.

I used the iLok manager and I was able to get it authorize for use, it shows up along with my other iLok authorizations. My iLok key is connected.

Also, I see the UltraChannel. dmg file is in the plug-in folder and the UltraChannel.aax file is in the avid-audio-plugin folder. Are these the location of these files. 

I know this free plugin expires tonight, but is there any way to still be able to use/install the plug-in if the problem is not resolved by tonight. Thanks Dan.