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I'm experiencing the same issue when using PC commands;  sometimes the loaded preset is engaged and other times it is not. 

I was under the impression that whatever the By-Pass state is when you save the preset, that is the state it will be in when you recall the preset but I'm not having any luck.

I'm having a little bit of trouble understanding what exactly the problem is that you all are describing. Are you saying that you are saving presets either bypassed or active and they aren't being loaded with the correct bypass or active state? If so, are you using the latest releases of the stompbox software, and how are you setting the bypass / active state? Are you doing it directly on the stompbox itself or are you doing this with H9 Control (b/c H9 Control only started supporting this feature in the last build or two)? We can and will try to reproduce the problem you're having, but it would be helpful if you answer these questions for us…