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Well, it's my understanding that if I program a patch (at least in my case) in PC mode with the FC-300, it should enable all the factors that are part of that patch by default.  If my assumption is incorrect, can you tell me what I could be doing wrong? 

I also have some questions about the midi map feature on the factors.  How does it work?  While reading the manual, it mentioned that it has a "learn" mode, where it can figure changes out (paraphrasing) for the user?

Even when I'm on standard mode and I set the factors to Omni, the same problem occurs but, this time the banks are loaded in sequential order based on the pedal number I hit on the foot controller.  For example, if I hit patch 1, all four factors are enabled.  If I hit patch two, only the master is enabled while the slaves are bypassed.  When I go to patch 3, all of them are enabled.  When I go to patch 4, well you get the idea…

I would also like to know how I could go about using the built-in expression pedals to control some parameters on the factors via midi.