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At last! After trying all midi devices and all available cables, I get to find what is the problem.

I was selected presets with preset button enabled (the way that I learned to navigate the presets at first), and I was

increasing and decreasing presets with the big center knob.

In this mode does not send Program Changes Messages.
By i see, H9 just can send program changes messages when preset is selected from footswitch.

Do not understand why not send midi PC when you make the selection from central big knob because I would can have device

mounted on a stand and to want handle with hands and the big knob. Who could imagine!

If i select presets with big knob, i have to exit of the preset mode (step 1) and press activate footswitch (step2).

If preset is selected with preset mode, effect is autoactivated.
Why not send midi message program in autoactivation step?

It makes sense what I'm saying?

This behavior should be noted in the manual.

If i use a external midi controler, i can select preset and activate it in a one only step?

Thanks you for care and patience!!

P.D. I love H9 sound.