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      I have a midi chain H9 as master and a Strymon Timeline as slave.
      I just want that when you load a program h9 also change in the Timeline.
      Midi cable is in correctly position but do not communicate.

      I tried to send Program Change to H9 as slave with other midi devices and this works.
      Also works midi PC reception in the TimeLine but I do not get what H9 trasmit Program Change Messages to any device.

      All functions in H9 midi setup seems correctly.

      What can be happening?

      Thanks you in advance.

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      At the first i tried several devices I had on hand.
      This test discards the possibility of wrong or broke cable.

      MASTER                                       SLAVE                                     PC TEST

      BEH MODULIZER PRO             Strymon TimeLine                  OK
      Stymon TimeLine                        BEH Modulizer PRO               OK
      BEH MODULIZER PRO              Eventide H9                             OK
      Eventide H9                                  Strymon TimeLine                   Fail
      Strymon TimeLine                       Eventide H9                             OK
      Eventide H9                                  Boss SE-50                              Fail
      Boss SE-50                                  Eventide H9                              Fail
      Boss SE-50                                  Strymon TimeLine                   Fail
      Strymon TimeLine                       Boss SE-50                              OK

      In any case H9 as master, seems there isnt no program change transmission.

      Thanks in advance.

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      You can set-up the H9 to send out program changes whenever its preset changes by enabling the PGM.XMT setting in the H9's system settings. This option doesn't come up a lot, and I just noticed that the configuration setting you need to enable isn't in H9 Control. You'll want to press the HotKnob switch and the right footswitch simultaneously to get into system mode, scroll with the wheel to MIDI, press the HotKnob switch to go into the MIDI settings, scroll with the wheel to PGM.XMT, press the HotKnob to go into the PGM.XMT (Program Transmit) setting, scroll with the wheel to turn it ON, and then exit system mode again by pressing the HotKnob and right footswitch.

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      I've checked the midi settings hundreds of times, including XMT.PGM but this is all right.

      Program Change in works but the problem is in the out.

      iI'll try a new cable but I think that is not the problem if we look at the test results. Maybe could be a bad connection THAT cable on THAT device, because other devices trasmit PC with the same cable.

      I'm desperate.

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      Could you try hooking the H9 up to a MIDI interface connected to a computer and looking at its output in Midi Monitor on Mac or Midi OX on Windows? It could be that the MIDI out jack isn't working as you suggested; you could try sending MIDI messages through it and check if they go through. Or you could leave things configured as they are and check if program changes are coming out. Maybe, they're coming out on a MIDI channel you didn't expect.  Maybe, they're not coming out at all. It's hard to say what the problem is at this point.

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      At last! After trying all midi devices and all available cables, I get to find what is the problem.

      I was selected presets with preset button enabled (the way that I learned to navigate the presets at first), and I was

      increasing and decreasing presets with the big center knob.

      In this mode does not send Program Changes Messages.
      By i see, H9 just can send program changes messages when preset is selected from footswitch.

      Do not understand why not send midi PC when you make the selection from central big knob because I would can have device

      mounted on a stand and to want handle with hands and the big knob. Who could imagine!

      If i select presets with big knob, i have to exit of the preset mode (step 1) and press activate footswitch (step2).

      If preset is selected with preset mode, effect is autoactivated.
      Why not send midi message program in autoactivation step?

      It makes sense what I'm saying?

      This behavior should be noted in the manual.

      If i use a external midi controler, i can select preset and activate it in a one only step?

      Thanks you for care and patience!!

      P.D. I love H9 sound.

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      Eventide Staff

      From the H9 Owner's Manual:

       [XMT.MAP] – Create a MIDI Program Change Transmit Map 

      When the Left Footswitch loads a Preset, a MIDI Program Change message can be 

      transmitted from the MIDI Out jack or USB to control an external device – e.g., 

      another Eventide Stompbox, an Eventide Eclipse, an Eventide H8000FW, etc.

      [PGM.XMT] – MIDI Program Change Transmit Enable (ON, OFF)

      Press the HOTKNOB button to select. Turn the Knob to set MIDI Program Change 

      transmit ON or OFF. If ON, a MIDI Program change message is transmitted 

      whenever a Footswitch is pressed for Preset load. 

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      Sorry, i agree the manual indicates H9 send PC messages if you uses the footswitch but no if you uses central Big Knob in 'Preset' mode.

      This can lead to confusion.

      I think.

      Thanks you. Eventide support service is fine.

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