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Billy Foppiano

Wow. Weird Voodoo in the pedal, re loops. To tell the truth, my pedal has always responded herky jerky to the loop algo. It would shave milli-secs and other anomolys, so I approched the new algos with open mind….At first, with my laptop hooked in, the first couple times I loaded any Loop algo, it was disaster…So much so, I didn't have the focus to report all the trainwrecks….BUT after the 5th or so go around, the algos seem to settle in without trainwreck…..weird.

The one question I have w/r to H9 app is : can we erase CC assignments on a per patch basis?This process would be really welcome as trying to do it on the pedal seems to invite um trouble. When I try to de-assign a parameter, the pedal will add a few parameters I haven't touched. So doing this on the H9 app would be welcome. And sorry for my brief last post. Gremlins were abounding, but now they seem gone….weird