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I've been messing around with this technique manually, and I think it could be the next killer app for ambient players.

Esoteric, for sure, but nice!  I've been racking my brain on a workaround using common pedals & existing algorithms.  Maybe resonant delay 'drone' through a H910 / H949 or HarModulator.  Dry signal split off and mixed in parallel.  Foot control over Pitch Mix between static triad intervals.  Perhaps an H9 providing the opposite-side inversions.  How are you going about it manually?

I've seen that variable 'capture' /Quantize-type of feature in the Eclipse documentation.  And you can see the results of a fixed pitch quantize in some of the PitchFactor Diatonic / QuadraVox scales.  Check out Whole Tone at 100% wet for a prime example.  So your proposed features are certainly possible.  Intriguing take on an algorithm.

I'm doing it manually in the most old-fashioned way possible: playing the melody and the harmony note as doublestops.  That gets tricky with some of the minor/major second fingerings, though, and it'll take quite a bit of practice to be able to improvise with it.  It looks as though the diatonicshift 2 algorithm in the Eclipse could pull it off, if I'm reading the manual correctly, but you'd basically have to set up a preset with a unique user scale for each individual triad and harmony position, which would be pretty tedious.  I'd much rather have someone else code it as a flexible algorithm. =)