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My thing with distortion pedals COMBINED with timebased effects, and special "out there" phsychedelic, "dry ice" effects, it's that they work badly together. I mostly want a totally clean and clear signal when sent into the H9 or othewise. The gnarls, and unlinearities becomes too much for the H9 to track properly ending up in an ugly signal. The only thing that I (in IMHO) think works, is a tiny bit of regular delay, and a tiny bit of spring reverb. That's it. If I want to go atmospheric, soundscapes, and all these "dry ice moments" I prefer to "print" the input with as clean signal as possible. Maybe – at a stretch – a clean boost or compressor before it. For example, I loathe phase shifters, choruses with distorted signals. A big huge no no in my book. These 80's thing. Sounds out of phase, out of tune, and just plain… bad. But that's a more personal taste than anything else. Each to their own. And with pitch shifting techinqies, there's not any pedal that can track a distorted signal properly. Not even ..tide. But as fast as the signal's clean, I am all game.