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Enough of my rants and back to wish list:

I want a STEP PHASER algo.

Way back, on the BOSS SE-70 and VF-1 half rack fx of the 90's, it was possible to make a sort of random and hold in the phaser presets of those units. However, when setting everything the same, they did not sound the same at all. The SE-70 won hands down, because the step phaser added some mallet-marimba transients to the step phaser (which the VF-1 didn't), when resonance was set high, and gave it a certain rhythmic groove or flavor that suited the chords you were playing into it. Combined with delays and a good hall reverb it sounded HUGE, and beautiful. Would LOVE to see that one. I don't know if it fits within the algos of H9 or ModFactor anyway. I saved the SE-70 unit and sold the VF-1 one. Just because of this.

Would also see MORE combined algos. Like combine the chorus(mod)-delay(time)-reverb(space) things into one algo. Not the most outrageous effects, but the more common one combinations.