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… I still have my SE-50 here [sadly, no MIDI sync rate].  I'll need to compare that with the H9 offerings to refresh my memory.  I remember a Stereo Flanger effect with Gate on the SE-50, but not the Step Phaser.

Note, the SE-70 is what I use, and own, and was talking about. The SE-50 is the one that preceeded the SE-70.  The SE-50 had analog distortion unit, they hadn't solved the digital yet, back then. But the digital COSM and other things on VF-1, SE-70 were bad too, already when they came around. They were critized as too noisy, way too noisy in any distorted settings, high-gain or not. But most of the FX still holds up today, say, if you use all of the units DSP as a reverb, and not all these multi-fx just for the sake of that you can.

MIDI sync rate is also something I wish, on everything, that is remotely oscillated in any way.