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Ok here's a wishlist:

1) Enable to power it from USB cable. Only. An USB Power adapter as used for cell phones.

2) Sitar emulator algo. Can't find it on other "factor" pedals. Korg Pandoras PX5D, Electro Harmonix has these. Or any other Indian "drone" strings technique. I e a drone should be heard just when you hit a certain note or key. Sympathetic strings vibrating at certain notes.

3) The MIX as many people have already complained about. Post/pre mix, either through exp pedal or otherwise

4) MultiFX algoritms, as someone said earlier. including me.

5) STRUM TEMPO – instead of tap tempo. Hold any switch -> which mutes the signal -> whack the strings 2-3 times in a row even tempo. This tracks and mails exact tempo MUCH better than any tap switch. Trust me on this.

6) As another one said, MIDI tempo clock, some algos drift way out after a minute or two. Seems that it reads the first two BPMs only and then goes freewheeling…sort of.