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Hey Russel, sorry for the late response. first off when i wrote that about the Version 5.0.0beta (59), the day after i checked the update utility and another beta and tried that out. i think it was 5.0.0 (2) or something…it isn't available anymore. and with that everything was fine (timing, recording, etc) everything worked out very well, but there was only no reverse looper featured… maybe that is already helping a lot.

another thing to mention is that it would be nice to have different modes for the looper. in 3.5 the loop was entirely played through which is nice to pitch down loops and the mode of the 5.0 where it restarts with the next 1. beat is nice for pad sounds. to choose if the looper should stop immediately or with the next beat would also be nice.

If you need the full explanation of what i did and what occurred, i could write that down but just pick the reverse looper out of the 59 beta and replace it in other version and I´ll be happy.