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Thank you for the speedy reply! Very appreciated!


1. What version of the .bam do you have is it 5.0.0beta[59] or is it something else?  I ask because we had an issue where the wrong build went out a few weeks ago.

I have 5.0.0beta[59].


2. Assuming you have the right version, what is your exact setup? i.e. what is before/after the TimeFactor, mono/stereo, etc.  

I haven't changed the position of my TimeFactor in my signal chain, so it would surprise if that has anything to do with the issue. I'm running mono in and mono out. An EHX Chillswitch before the TimeFactor and a Boss PS-3 after it. I have no AUX or EXP pedals connected and I am powering it with the original power supply.


3. When you hit the Record button what happens on the Timefactor? Does it display the R> (with a running secs or beats counter) and you just don't hear any audio when you Play back, or does it just never go into the Recording State? 

When I hit the record button on my TimeFactor everything happens that should happen, the display shows the R> etc., and all other functions appear to be working. I have changed through the decay amounts, the record modes, playback modes etc., turned the mix volume up and down. There just isn't any recorded audio coming out of the TimeFactor(or no audio is recorded into the buffer).

I hope I am managing to be clear enough. Please let me know if you need more information.