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Hi eeeskildsen,

Very strange, obviously, we wouldn't have released a Looper that doesn't work, and I cant reproduce this here, so….. let's just start some in-the-dark troubleshooting.  As a first point, just for clarification, regarding the R> or P>, do the numbers actually change when it should be recording or playing, or do they hang at 0?  

Now, on to some troubleshooting: 

1.  Just to completely rule everything else out (I don't believe it is coming from somewhere else though), take everything out your chain, just go guitar into Input 1 of the Timefactor, and connect Output 1 to your amp.  Does Looper still not work in this configuration? 

2. Press and hold the right footswitch to put the TF into Bank Mode.  Is the bank that the Looper Preset resides in active?  You would know because one of the Red LEDs would be lit.  If no Red LED is lit, the Looper is bypassed, and you'll need to make that preset active by pressing the footswitch under it.  Does this get you anywhere? 

3. If you still don't have success after 1 and 2, does going to another algorithm and back to Looper (with the Encoder) cause it work?  If not, does initializing the pedal cause it to work (be sure to save your presets first)?  

That's enough to be getting on with, thanks for the patience and willingness to be a part of the beta testing.