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An addendum: I can get either the H9 OR the TimeFactor to show up, but not both. The TimeFactor and the H9 are on separate ports of an old Unitor8 interface. If I only have one powered up, H9 Control seems to find the one that's powered. If I have them both powered, H9 Control usually finds the TimeFactor, which is on port 1 of the Unitor8. 

Hm. That's a relatively complicated set-up. I don't think we've tested connecting multiple Eventide devices to H9 Control through a single Midi interface. I'll have to try it next week and see what happens.  Could you connect to your H9 via Bluetooth or a USB cable instead of through the MIDI interface? Do you have it connected that way b/c you want to control both devices with MIDI apart from H9 Control?