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I wouldn't get rid of my modfactor …
I think it does replace a bunch of pedals I would have buy.

Actually, I don't understand why but the intensity at zero does change the sound of the guitar.

I don't like that at all. I had to buy a Boss LS 2 and mix the clean signal of the guitar with the Eventide in the loop to get a subtle modulation.

I agree with the uni-vibe call and the wah which is to me, to much polished and doesn't rip gnarl and stuff the sound of the guitar. (It's better placed before drive but tend to color to much the original sound …) Also a stuck wah would be great.

I use a lot of stuck wah setting ala QOTSA to feed the drive. Would love a stuck option on the wah. Some effects like the rotary and some chorus are not pronouced enough when used in a loop Dry/Wet mix … If I Wet more with the Boss LS2, there's a bump of volume.

Maybe as MXR the possibility to choose where you want the chorus … on low or high notes .. or both and so on.

A better transparency of the guitar and more control over depth would definitely get rid of the 3 modulation pedal I still have on my board. So a place for a Time factor which is impossible for now.

Other than that I have to admit, this is a wonderful piece of gear, thank's Eventide