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Could you make sure that you have the latest H9 software 4.8.0[1] installed? If you save a preset as activated, then it should load and activate when called up via a MIDI program change. 

Thanks very much for the reply. I updated the H9 software to 4.8.0[1] tonight and there is no change. I am just using the pre-loaded presets at the moment and they all appear to be saved as activated. I saved one as not activated to see what happens: when selecting from the DPC-8 it loads as not activated (active LED off), and pressing the activate button toggles the active LED, but still no wet signal.

I did notice that, when switching to a (saved as active) preset from the DPC-8 whilst sustaining a note, as the new preset is loaded I get wet signal from the new preset for a fraction of a second but then it quickly disappears, while the active remains LED on. It seems as though something is killing the wet signal immediately after loading a preset via MIDI PC, regardless of the preset's 'Active' status. Toggling the Activate button does not restore the wet signal, but changing preset from the H9 or from H9 Control does.

Please let me know if I should move this to a new thread – I don't want to derail the wish list.

Many thanks again!

Solved it! The DPC-8EZ sends a PC on channel 1 and various CCs on channel 16. I previously had the H9 midi channel set to Omni – setting the H9 to channel 1 solved the preset issue I was having.