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I have a couple of  suggestions for the H9 control app, mainly to do with the preset lists page. 

1. Drag to reorder presets. This could work similarly to rearranging apps on an iPad home screen. Drag from one location to another. Drag a preset in between two other presets, and they shuffle along and make room for it. You could have it so that dragging directly onto a preset either replaces it, or a pop up lets you choose from replacing preset, swapping preset, or cancelling the action. I think this would be much simpler than having to select copy, paste, and swap options from drop down menus. This could also include the option to delete a preset with a small 'x' in the corner of the preset (activated by a long press), similar to deleting apps on an iPad.

2. Tweaking how the 'edit list' function works, as I find it confusing how certain actions can only be completed in certain modes. For example, I can drag new presets into place when I am in edit list mode, but then if I want to re arrange the preset order, I need to save, go back out of edit list mode, select the preset I want to move, hit the more button and then select the required function (copy, insert etc). It is also confusing how it seems to auto save any preset tweaking when not in edit mode, but then you have to save every time you leave edit mode or lose your changes. 

I think on the whole the H9 control app is great, particularly how solid the real time parameter change performance is. I just found the preset list section a bit confusing and maybe not as intuitive as it could be, and I think the drag to rearrange function would help to really change that. Keep up the good work