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Wish List:

1. Global Volume Expression Control at Input or Output levels. This is a deal breaker!

 I use multiple H9's, they do different jobs.

2. Global Expression Pedal, e.g. when you move the Expression you get instant WAH regardless of the Patch you are using.

3. Improved Midi interfacing with other Midi Controllers, I have the Liquid Foot JR+ with two Exp Pedals. I am 'trying' to control two H9's, hopefully adding a third.

4. When using USB Connection I get unwanted high pitched noise through Amp.

5. Midi Signals are disabled while USB is Connected, my H9's are a part of a system. I do not want to disconnect them to test programming changes.

6. Are Fuzz, Distortion, etc patches possible with H9? 

7.Transmit the H9 Tuner info via Midi Out, again the Liquid Foot can receive this info and display it.

Thanks! Love my H9's sound.