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I'll have to look into this further.  I was looking for one small pedal that would do it all with high quality.  It's for gigging where I just need the classics and don't need the sound of an asteroid exploding in a bell factory.  Neither TC nor Eventide make a small pedal that does modulation + delay + 'verb (although I could live without the 'verb part).  I've looked at the Zoom and it may work for my needs if if sounds good, is quiet and has a true bypass when off.  Does the H9 have a number of algo's that do both chorus and delay with great quality?  Eventide should have a page on their site (or at least iin the manual) that lists the algorythms and exactly what they do best.  Any other pedals about the same size as the H9 that would do what I want?

Thank you!