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Hmm, sounds like the ModDelay algo from the timefactor might be worth looking into in that case? I haven't yet demoed it myself, will check it and report back.

FWIW I bought my H9 because of the expected quality of the algos, and so far they're living up to the hype. The sound quality is there in the rack-fx category, not your regular budget pedal at all!

PS: Having skimmed through a 70-page thread about the H9 on another (guitarist) forum, it seems that a lot of guitar players really like the ModEchoVerb algo, especially the "echospace of god" preset seems to get a lot of praise.. But my personal opinion still stands, 3 x H9 pedals (or even two) would get you so much farther if you need all three fx at once (as you'd have total control over the reverb predelays, lo/high dampings, a multitude of options for the delay flavour (tape echo/vintage BBD/multitap etc)..)