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I was wondering how to tweak one the algorithms to get the sound Fripp uses for his single note in Peter Gabriel's "Mother of violence" (1978). Sort of fuzzy sound that appears in 2'44'' and lasts only 5 secs. I tried with the Octaver but always get and extra octave sound and the result is not satisfactory.

It doesn't hurt to have some dirt happening upstream before it.  I have something similar to that sound using two algorithms in series (PitchFactor followed by an H9).  I suppose that it would work in reverse order, but I'm using UltraTap to round the edges off the Octaver:

I use the UltraTap algo for the swell, and also to mellow out the PitchFactor B voice (2 octaves down), and the two resonant filters. Lots of "slurm" modulation and closely spaced taps here.  I like that "growl".  Even staccato notes have a fixed amount of sustain (blurred multi-taps).

But if you're using a volume pedal or pinky for the volume swell, the Octaver preset above is going to be a bit too thick.  Pitch Mix closer to the A side (CCW), and drop out the filter resonance.  That should get you close enough to a starting point for tweaking.