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And we haven't touched on the TimeFactor algorithms yet!  In many ways, those algos are more appropriate for short phrase looping techniques.  Longer maximum delay time, for one thing (3 full seconds, or a whole note measure).  The Repeat switch replaces the tactic of using the PitchFactor's Active / Bypass switch as a "Play" mode [DSP + FX].

While Repeat is latched, the parameters can still be manipulated with an expression pedal, so the loops can dynamically evolve.  And since a latched Repeat is essentially 100% Feedback, the actual feedback controls can be set somewhat lower.  Un-latch Repeat, and the loops can decay at adjustable rates.

Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 75 ms.

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = 3000 ms.

Delay A = a short slapback flutter echo + quick fade at the default (EXP PED heel).

Delay B = a long loop with a somewhat long decay time.  Mirrored notes minus the flutter.

The Repeat switch latches the loops for infinite feedback & loop mangling in Delay A.

Expression pedal speeds / drags the "tape reels" for extreme pitch bends in Delay A.

Latch Repeat [Delay A buffer full] for retro tape speed pitchbending and '50's space FX.

Unlatch Repeat for long loop decays that can still be manipulated with the EXP PED.