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It's a good idea, KCStratman, and one that I've thought of before to slake my insatiable lust of that Uni-Vibe sound.  I think with four stages of phasing set slightly off from each other, the lumpiness I'm desperately seeking may present itself.  The only thing holding me back is that I don't have a second ModFactor nor an H9 (yet!) to try this out.  While the studio has a couple H3000s, they're older models and, more so, I think they'd notice the gaping hole in the rack.  (I can't get the equipment manager to splurge for an Eclipse, not that he'd let me tuck it under my arm one evening!)  They do have an MXR Auto-Phaser of dubious condition in the closet so perhaps I can see if it works to add to the ModFactor as a preliminary indicator of this potential.