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One of my favorite feedback configurations to revisit.  Here's the base concept to exploit (excerpt from the user manual).  The emphasis is mine.

Xnob (Ynob)

Controls level of Voice A (Voice B) feedback.  The feedback delay length is Delay A or Delay B, whichever is longer.

I added +/- one octave here to highlight the panned, glitchy stuttering effects, and increased feedback to infinite.  It's just as interesting at unison pitch settings with an active expression pedal.

Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = 1/2

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 1/32

Unlimited rhythmic variations + octave shifts; thanks to the delay length precedence.

The Flex / Learn switch … is useless here.  Octaves are octaves.  Useful w/ other intervals.

EXP PED changes the rhythm texture of the delay pair with every movement.

Delay B determines the feedback loop length, until it drops < Delay A @ 1/8 (taking over).

Not an Eventide product, but a perfect match for the Stompboxes (and the presets above).  With the ScratchLoopDelay variations, I'll often set the sequencer to Random steps, no Glide, and a tempo synchronized to a MIDI clock.  The Expression Pedal output now randomly switches the Delay B beat fraction; also sync'ed to MIDI.

As a result, the stuttering effects remain locked – in a relative sense – to the current tempo.  But the stuttering delays weave their way in & out in a steady, but unpredictable manner.  Since it's expression pedal-based, this will work with any preset.  But this kind of combination especially shines with a rhythmic base.