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Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay A = 1/2

Expression Pedal Heel:  Delay B = Dotted 1/4

Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback A = 100%

Expression Pedal Heel:  Feedback B = 100%

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay A = Dotted 1/4

Expression Pedal Toe:  Delay B = 1/2

Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback A = 75%

Expression Pedal Toe:  Feedback B = 75%

Harmonized oct+m3rd & 2 octaves up flip their loop delay times in infinite phrase loops.

Root notes modulated with Flex/Learn switch.  Very effective with 'exotic' scale looping.

EXP PED swaps delay times & panning (adds short fades), and reduces inf. feedback.